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About Aion

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Developing the operating system for the bioelectric code to solve aging.

Science #

ANTEATER: Now the state can be described on a low level or on a high level. A low-level description of the state of an ant colony would involve painfully specifying the location of each ant, its age and caste, and other similar items. A very detailed description, yielding practically no global insight as to why it is in that state. On the other hand, a description on a high level would involve specifying which symbols could be triggered by which combinations of other symbols, under what conditions, and so forth.

— Ant Fugue | Gödel, Escher, Bach

Our research investigates the flow of causally relevant information within complex biological systems, particularly in relation to endogenous bioelectric networks. By delving into the intricate communication and signaling mechanisms of living organisms, we aim to uncover optimal strategies that can effectively modulate these networks. Our ultimate goal is to harness these strategies to develop efficient, precise, and translatable rejuvenation therapies.

Research Roadmap

Affiliated Publications #

Ethos #

We prioritize truth-seeking over financial gain or prestige.

What this means:

  • All actions are purpose driven.
  • Our highest virtues are diligence and humility.
  • We collaborate with others to share knowledge.
  • We are open-minded and adaptable.

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Mythology #

In Greek Mythology, there are 3 gods who are associated with the concept of time: Chronos, Kairos and Aion.

Chronos represents the linear progression of time. Kairos, on the other hand, represents the fleeting and opportune moments of time.

Aion was the Greek god of eternity, often depicted as a young man with a lion’s head and wings. He was considered a primordial deity, representing the concept of time as infinite and cyclical. Aion is associated with the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and was believed to be the personification of the cosmic cycle of time that governs the universe.

The Greek God Aion.